General notes / Tips Walking up the Tirumala Hill – Alipiri /srivari mettu | Tirupati News

General notes / Tips Walking up the Tirumala Hill – Alipiri /srivari mettu

General notes / Tips Walking up the Tirumala Hill – Alipiri /srivari mettu

Foot Path Darshan (Divya darshan)/ Pedestrians Darshan

  • General notes / tips –
  • if you have luggage you can handover same at the luggage counter before you start the climb at the beginning. However all luggage need to have a lock. The luggage can be collected in Tirumala at the luggage counter when you complete the climb.
  • I walked bare foot. One is allowed to walk with foot wear uphill. But not in the temple. better to remove footwear’s
  • Mobile can be carried.
  • Avoid having a large meal
  • medical facilities are available at step 2083 and also later
  • Avoid climbing up if you have high BP, lung or heart problems. ( please check with your doctor consult and keep Some necessary medicines with if needed .)
  • There is another way to climb also called the ” Srivari Mettu” which is about 12 kms from tirupati. This route uphill is much shorter – more inputs later )


Walking up Hill –
total distance approx. 9 kms
total number of steps – 3555
approx time for a normal person to finish the climb – 4 hrs
from the end of the steps to the temple darshan que – another 1 km.
total time till que – about 4 1/2 hrs normal.
some people claim to have done in 2 1/2 hrs also.
There are stalls selling eats and sof drinks every 300 steps on an average
Toilet facilities are are throughout at very regular intervals.
The first 2000 steps cover approx 1 – 1.3 kms
At 2083rd step, you will be given a token with your photograph ( the authorities take the photo ) for your special darshan. Here you will find a number of stalls with refreshments.
This is a tough climb as the steps are more or less continuous with small breaks in between.
From 1000 to 2000 steps try taking a break every 50 – 70 steps. Better to avoid climbing fast.
2083 to about 2800 is a relatively easier climb. During this stretch you would also walk through the road and flat surface. approx. distance covered will be around another 4 kms.
2800 to 3350 is another steep climb. since by this time you are already exhausted, it may appear tougher. this section is also called the “mokalaparvatham”. Here some devotees actually climb in their knees!!!
Around this climb the authorities stamp you token which you got earlier reconfirming that you have actually climbed and therefore are eligible for special darshan.
The last 2 hundred steps are again relatively easier.
The whole steps are very clean and neatly maintained. There is full cover from rain when on the steps. But when you are on the walk through the road, there are no shelters from rain. If during rainy season better to carry an umbrella or wear a rain coat.

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